Valentine's Re-Mailing Program in Loveland, Colorado (The Sweetheart City) - Madison & Co.

For 75 years Loveland and the USPS have partnered to mail out special valentines around the world, specially postmarked from Sweetheart City, USA.

According to Gwen Masche (daughter of stamp collector and history buff Count Masche) Elmer Ivers, Loveland Postmaster in the 1940s and ‘50s, Harold Dunning, Rome Dietrich, and others from the Loveland Stamp Club came up with an idea of a Re-Mailing Program as a stamp collection oddity, rather than a Sweetheart angle. The club tried to promote the program for a couple of years but realized they needed someone with more marketing abilities. Ted Thompson, who managed Loveland’s Rialto Theater and served as president of the Loveland Chamber of Commerce (in addition to his remarkable marketing skills), was asked to help. Ted realized that Loveland, Colorado had a unique opportunity to share a little love and friendship with the people of the USA, and the world, through the Valentine Re-Mailing Program. The program gained nationwide exposure when Guy Lombardo was designated honorary mayor of Loveland on Feb. 14, 1950. Lombardo’s orchestra, The Royal Canadians, had recorded the song, “There’s a Lovely Lake in Loveland” and featured the song during the program.

Today, the Loveland Chamber of Commerce continues to operate the program, in partnership with the Loveland post office by creating the special cancellation annually.

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