Top 5 Trick or Treat Neighborhoods in Denver - Madison & Company Properties

Whether you and the kids love the costumes or the candy, we've rounded up the top five neighborhoods for you to trick or treat in this year. Have more suggestions? Drop them in the comments!


1. T H E W H E A T L A N D S

It's a newer neighborhood with tons of kids. The streets are packed with trick-or-treaters! - Ryan Mutschelknaus, REALTOR® at Madison & Co. DTC

2. W A S H P A R K

Ryan Dillon, REALTOR® at Madison & Co. Wash Park

3. P A R K H I L L

Ryan Dillon, REALTOR® at Madison & Co. Wash Park

4. O B S E R V A T O R Y P A R K

If I still had kids of trick or treating age, I'd take them to the Observatory Park area! Certain blocks have lots of kids, so there will be a lot of trick or treaters in the neighborhood. Also, the price point of the area is $$$ which means they give out good candy! - Vanessa McClanahan, REALTOR® at Madison & Co. Cherry Creek

5. P L A T T P A R K

Ryan Conover, REALTOR® at Madison & Co. Wash Park

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