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The City of the Future Is Right Around the Corner Courtesy of REALTOR®

The city of the future will likely combine energy efficiency, a mix of commercial and residential real estate, a variety of transportation options, and connectivity. Energy efficiency begins on an individual level, and the occupants of any building—commercial or residential—can lower their energy use with simple behavioral changes and low-cost upgrades.

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Pet Owners Want These Home Amenities Courtesy of REALTOR® Magazine Pets have been playing an increasingly important role in shopping for a home. More Americans have become pet owners during the pandemic, and they’re prioritizing their pets’ needs when looking for a home or rental.

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Some Sellers Hit a Tipping Point

Courtesy of REALTOR® Magazine The share of home sellers dropping their asking prices has risen to a six-month high. The percentage is still low, but the quicker pace of price drops is notable, researchers say. For the four weeks ending May 1, 15% of home sellers dropped their asking prices, up from 9% a year earlier, according to new research released by Redfin.

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