Madison & Co. Properties January 2022 Market Stats Snapshot

It’s a very interesting time to be in real estate, especially in Denver. In 2021, we saw so many record-breaking stats and it looks like the market is not going down. In fact, according to the Denver Metro Association of Realtors, at the start of January, there were 11,175 fewer houses on the market than normal.

Buyers: if you’re ready to buy, don’t hesitate! The Denver real estate market is not going down in 2022. Rates are expected to increase, decreasing the buying power. Despite the expected increase in rates, Denver home values are anticipated to remain where they are at due to the growing population.

Sellers: While you might think that waiting for the peak of the real estate season is a good idea, there are several reasons that listing now will benefit you. Right now, you’ll have less competition, and your home will be more visible to potential buyers. Homes can get lost in the shuffle during the peak season as buyers are flooded with options. Buyers can get loans easier right now. Lenders aren’t quite as busy and rates are low; this makes for more purchasing power from your buyer and quicker closings! And if you needed one more reason to list, during the peak season, negotiations are much harder because everyone is receiving offers left and right. If you’re looking for a good negotiation and a quick closing, now is an excellent time to sell.

At the end of the day, we are here for our clients. With years of experience on our side, we know how to help our clients buy and sell in any market condition. However, if you’re interested in knowing more specific details about your real estate needs, all you need to do is contact your Madison Properties agent today!

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