happy earth day!

Every day at Madison is earth day but if you're looking for simple changes you can make at home in honor of the holiday, visit the #linkinbio for easy, eco-friendly lifestyle changes! After all, even a tiny bit goes a long way when it comes to saving the earth!

Leave the car at home

It's never been easier to ditch your car. Organize a carpool with co-workers, use a rideshare app, take public transit, or be the most health-conscious and ride a bike. Less cars on the road not only means less air pollution, it also means less traffic. Not to mention all of the gas money you'll save!

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Turn off the lights when you leave a room

Turning off your lights when you're not home, or even not in that room, can significantly cut down how much energy you're using. What do you need them on for anyway?

Ditch the plastic bottles

This one's a simple fix. Replace your regular single use plastic bottles with some of plastic, glass, and stainless steel reusable water bottles that are all the rage right now.

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Collect Rainwater

Invest in a rainwater collection system. There's so much you can use this non-drinking water for — like cleaning or watering plants.

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Unsubscribe from junk mail

Everyone still has that mail they get that makes them think "How did I end up on this list?" It's time to save some trees and get your name off that mailing list once and for all. Opting out of the printed phone directory is also worth looking into. Try Google instead.

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Start a garden

It's never been easier (or more fun) to grow your own veggies! Plus, developing your green thumb can save you money and reduce food waste. Even something as simple as an herb garden on your windowsill is a great start.

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Shop at a Farmers' Market

If you can't grow it yourself, at least shop locally. Buying produce farmed near your home usually gives you access to better quality food than you find at a grocery store. You can speak to the farmers directly to learn more about the food as you're supporting small businesses.

Every summer, we will send out our favorite farmer's markets. Stay tuned!

Every day is Earth Day here at Madison. Interested in learning more actions and tips to make a difference, every day of the year? Learn more here!

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