11 Ways to Make a Difference During the Pandemic

This month is National Volunteer Month. This month is dedicated to honoring all of the volunteers in our communities as well as encouraging volunteerism. However, the world is on fire — at least that’s how it feels. Concern over the coronavirus (along with overwhelming, 24-hour media coverage) has resulted in long lines at grocery stores, empty shelves, and general feeling of “what’s next?” Here are 11 things you can start doing now to remain healthy, run your business, and - most importantly - help others.

1. Wash Your Hands.

The best way to prevent getting and spreading this virus is to wash your hands. Oh, and don’t touch your face. Simple and effective. Don’t forget to use those Clorox wipes (when you can find them in stores) and clean off your phone. It has a ton of germs on it.

2. Maintain Social Distancing.

Keep yourself away from others—at least 6 feet if you’re in public—and say no to attending large events where there’s potential for exposure. Don’t become a hermit; just be smart. We’ve heard the media talk about “flattening the curve.” Help end this pandemic by keeping your distance.

3. Tip Well.

People are eating out less. If you go out to eat or get take-out, be sure to tip more than normal. Your servers need the income as they are hurting like everyone else.

4. Order Takeout.

If you don’t feel like sitting in a restaurant, order food to-go or delivery and eat at home. You can still support the local businesses and eat a meal you didn’t have to cook yourself.

5. Buy Giftcards.

Buy gift cards from your favorite local stores and restaurants so those small business owners continue to have income. When the pandemic ends, you can go cash in those gift cards.

6. Work Out - At Home.

As we all navigate this new normal of social distancing, gym and fitness classes across the country are offering free workout classes to help us retain a little balance during the unprecedented times we're living in - check out this link for more info.

7. Look Out for Neighbors.

While some people have the opportunity to work from home, others may be left without work or paychecks due to coronavirus measures—especially in light of school closures and lack of childcare options. Be on the lookout for your neighbors and see if you can help provide groceries or prepare a meal for them.

8. Donate Food to Your Local Food Bank.

Some people are going to face tough economic times. When you’re shopping for food, buy a little extra and drop it off at the food bank. Families around the country will need to tap into this resource soon.

9. Spring Cleaning.

Don’t just Netflix and chill all day, use this time to be productive. Take the next week or two and spring clean your house. I’m talking a couple of hours a day after work. Tackle one room a day. It’s a great time to get your office organized as well. Get rid of clutter, make digital copies of what you can, and get rid of paperwork.

10. It's All Going To Be Okay.

You can’t fix it, stressing won’t help, and over-buying toilet paper is not the answer. Try to go about life as normally as you can while taking precautions along the way.

11. Be The Best Person You Can Be.

The world may be in a panic, but your clients, friends, and family need a voice of calm and reason - and finding ways to cope with this stress will make you, the people you care about, and your community stronger. Take this downtime to learn new skills, reach out to your loved ones, and grow your relationships.


Compiled using partial content from NAR® Young Professional's Network Blog Post:

11 Ways You Can Help During the Pandemic

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