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Do you need help on knowing where to begin with pumpkin carving?

Well, this article will help make this Halloween tradition a lot easier

with 10 essential tips for carving your best pumpkin!

1. Cut the Bottom out of your Pumpkin, Rather than the Top

If you love preserving the top of the pumpkin, especially you've found the perfect pumpkin with the perfect stem, this is the best way to cut! It's also great for lighting your pumpkin from the bottom to avoid sticking your hand down in and getting burnt. If you do like to cut the top out of your pumpkin, we suggest cutting it to look like a “keyhole,” that way you can easily fit your lid back onto your pumpkin!

2. Pick the Side you Want to Carve

When you’re cleaning out the seeds and string then you'll want to use your scraper tool to “thin” the side of the pumpkin you are carving. If you don’t own a pumpkin scraper, an ice cream scoop works just as well! “Thinning” the pumpkin on the inside makes carving much easier, cleaner, and your patterns show up beautifully when you light your candles.

3. Secure the Image to the Pumpkin with Masking Tape

Now make a “dot to dot” type pattern by punching holes through your pattern and  trace the image onto your pumpkin. A standard nail will work just as well! Make sure to poke holes on every line of your pattern.

4. Use Flour to Make your Holes and Pattern

Once you’ve done all the tracing, remove your pattern. If you are having a difficult time seeing the image take some flour and rub in on the surface of your pumpkin. The flour fills in your holes and shows you the pattern. It helps to know where to cut!

5. Cutting Tips

Finally cutting time! Start cutting at the center of your pattern and work your way out. Use an “up and down” motion like you would see on a sewing machine. When you need to change directions on your pattern, remove your cutting tool, change direction, and start cutting again using an “up and down” motion. Just remember: "Move it like a sewing machine and you'll have a great Halloween!"

6. Pop Your Pieces out by Pressing on the Pumpkin from the Inside

If you’ve done the proper “up/down” motion, your pieces will come out clean and easy.

7. Use a Toothpick to Secure Broken Pieces

If any of your pattern pieces break and you think you’ve ruined the pattern, don't worry! It’s okay. You can secure pieces that have fallen or broken securely with a toothpick.

8. Tips to Preserve Your Pumpkin

You can soak your pumpkin in ice water with bleach. 1 gallon of water to 1 teaspoon of bleach. It also helps to kill any bacteria that will break it down. You can also rub the inside of the pumpkin and the cuttings with petroleum jelly. The vaseline coats the pumpkin and helps it last longer.

9. Place Aluminum Foil Under Your Pumpkins to Help Reflect the Light from Your Candles

If your pumpkin isn’t lighting up brightly, you can cut a round hole or a square out of the top of the pumpkin to create a chimney!

10. Take a Photo!

Make sure to take a photo of your newly-carved pumpkin or Jack O' Lantern for your memories!

*Tips and tricks provided by HappyHappyNester.com. All information deemed reliable but not guaranteed.


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